LGBTQ+ owned brands made for masculine people

For masculine individuals, having to shop in the "Men's" sections of stores can be uncomfortable. Finding masculine clothing that fits multiple body types can also be challenging. 

Not to mention, individuals having to select the "men's" option on a store's website can be extremely invalidating. 

Thankfully, there are LGBTQ+ owned brands out there who are challenging this by creating stores that cater to masculine people who don't want to shop in the "men's" sections of stores. 

1. HauteButch

"HauteButch is a Gender-Neutral, Masculine Inspired, Androgynous Clothing Shop. We are the go-to destination for butch and androgynous style seekers that prefer menswear-inspired finishes, without compromising proper fit." 

A queer and black-owned brand, HauteButch offers classic tees, tanks, button-downs, flannels, vests, custom suits & tuxedos, and various accessories.

HauteButch also offers virtual one-on-one 30-minute video fashion consultations for custom items. 

Tees and tanks range from $19 - $25 with prices going up from there for different clothing options. Size options vary by item but range from XS - 6XL.

2. Barb (Soft Clay Pomade)

"We founded Barb to give women and folks with short hair a home."

Barb pomade was born out of a need for a hair product that wasn't marketed specifically for men. 

The pomade is vegan & cruelty-free and offers a medium hold without stickiness or stiffness. It has a fresh, clean scent with notes of eucalyptus. Emily (co-owner of Wear it OUT) actually uses this pomade daily and highly recommends it.

Readers can use code WEARITOUT15 for 15% off!

3. Peau De Loup

"Built for bodies, not gender." 

Peau De Loup's goal was to create functional, well-made, timeless apparel that is designed for all bodies regardless of gender identity. 

They offer casual clothing (tees, underwear, chinos, jeans, and Pjs), buttoned up (short sleeves, long sleeves, and outerwear), and dressed up (suiting, flannels, and elegant button ups), as well as accessories. 

Sizes vary depending on the item but range from (0-2) - (20-22). 

4. SHARC&RAE Swimwear 

"Gender-Defiant Swimwear and Activewear. For Every Body, keeping humans who are masculine-of-center and non-binary individuals at the forefront." 

A great thing about SHARC&RAE is that they offer both the swim trunks as well as the matching swim top. So often, people purchase swim trunks but find that there is no option for a matching swim top. 

SHARC&RAE combats this. 

We suggest shopping their Original Collection, which includes the Reese Trunks ($38) and matching Melin or Peyton swim top ($22 - $24). The Melin top offers more chest coverage and sizes range from XS - 4XL.

August 24, 2021 — Sammy Mermell