10 LGBTQ+ Musicians You Should Be Listening To

Being an avid TikToker *cringe*, I see videos all the time about how the Queer community (specifically, the sapphic community) just doesn't have a lot of representation in music. This couldn't be further from the truth! We do have a lot of representation in music, they're just not being played on mainstream radio (yet!). 

In this article, I've compiled a list of 10 LGBTQ+ musicians you should be listening to, along with their genre and noteworthy songs to check out. You can also find my Queer playlist on Spotify here


All three members of MUNA identify as queer (BBC), with Naomi also being Non-Binary. Described as an electric pop band, they make "sad soft pop songs for sissies angry girls emo queers and crybabies," (according to their own tweet). 

Songs to check out: 

  • I know a place (a song created to symbolize safe spaces for queer individuals)
  • Number one fan
  • Taken
  • Around U
  • Bodies
  • Everything



With iconic gay vocalist Lynn Gunn, PVRIS is a band from Massachusetts whose music has been described as blending dreamy electronica with dark, beat-heavy rock (ALLMUSIC). 

"Some days I feel more like a genderless elf than a woman. My body and my energy has always danced between masculine and feminine. What makes me feel sexy is steering neither female nor male, it is meeting in the middle somewhere." - Lynn Gunn

Songs to check out: (it's hard to choose just a few!). 

  • You & I
  • My House
  • Same Soul
  • Sacrificial (feat. PVRIS)
  • Mirrors
  • Anyone Else
  • Loveless
  • Half
  • January Rain

3. Siena Liggins

Siena Liggins is here to give the girls who like girls the music they're needing. Having just released a new album, I reached out to Siena who had this to say: 

"I write songs for me. I can’t spend time thinking about if the lyrics are too provocative or if the melody is too bubblegum and if those two concepts clash a little bit. I’m just making music that I’ve always wanted to hear— songs written for and about girls who like girls, but in the process it feels like I’m tapping into feelings that we all share.

There are no pop stars that look and sound like me. Look at Britney and Gaga and Ariana and Miley and Doja and Billie– then look at me. Copy-catting “the formula” isn’t exactly an option. There’s a part of this industry that I am missing out on because the machine that makes pop stars hasn’t had an upgrade since 1994.

In a world that seems to be catching on to the importance of representation, surely there are young, bold, off-center folks looking for themselves in the pop music space. Trust me, I know. I’m not just another queer artist; I’m not an amalgamation of trends & buzzwords, but all of the things that I am are easy to see through the lens of Ms. Out Tonight."

Songs to check out: 

  • Perfect
  • Wait On Me
  • The entire Ms. Out Tonight album! You can watch the visual album here: 

4. The Japanese House 

Amber Mary Bain (known professionally as The Japanese House), is an indie-pop musician from England. 

According to Newsweek, Amber opened up briefly on their sexuality: 

"...I don't really know what my sexuality is. But I know that I'm not a straight girl. I was wondering in my head if that is something I should be more vocal about. I don't really know. To me, my fans must know. They MUST know."

Amber also went on to explain that their favorite song on the album 'Good at Falling' is a song they wrote surrounding the death of a former girlfriend, Saw You In A Dream: "And then when I wrote that, it was like a big release for me. I didn't really know how to approach it. And then she was in my dreams. I just thought that was the perfect way to write about someone who's dead. That's why I felt that had to be on the album. I've just never written a song that's in my eyes, so perfect. And that song to me—I wouldn't change anything about it."

Songs to check out: 

  • Something has to change
  • Saw you in a dream
  • We talk all the time
  • You seemed so happy
  • Lilo

5. Pale Waves

If you're looking for some queer representation in the indie-rock/pop-punk genre, Pale Waves is it. Vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie has been named the "Queer emo queen" and had this to say on her sexuality: "Too many people think I’m straight and I’m like, really? Most are men. [I’m like,] I’m not straight; I ain’t going to get with you…. I’ve always been gay. When I came out of the womb I knew I was gay." (Vanity Fair)

Pale Waves also includes drummer, Ciara Doran, who is trans/nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. 

Songs to check out: 

  • She's my religion
  • Television Romance
  • Came in Close
  • Eighteen
  • SkinDeepSkyHighHeartWide

6. Arlo Parks 

 London-based musician Arlo Parks names Sylvia Plath and Joni Mitchell as some of her musical influences. she is openly bisexual and has been described by Gay Times as, "the cinematic storyteller for Generation Z." 

“There are so many people out there who don’t have a voice, or don’t feel able or safe enough to be open about who they are. Artists have a platform, and for people to see young queer artists being so open and comfortable in their skin is so important; to inspire those young people who feel uncomfortable or ashamed. It’s being a role model, especially in 2020 where there’s so much chaos. People being openly who they are is more important than ever.” 

Songs to check out: 

  • Eugene 
  • Cola
  • Caroline 
  • Black Dog

7. Now, Now

If you're looking for honest lyrics about the ups AND downs of love (both reciprocated and unrequited); Now, Now's album 'Saved' is for you. The Fader describes the album as spinning "arcade colored synthpop to the band's space-gazing Midwest emo"

According to a Curve Magazine article published in 2017, "Lead singer Cacie Dalager credits her girlfriend Alexa San Roman (who directed the video for “SGL”) with being the inspiration behind the new music." 

Songs to check out: 

  • Yours
  • SGL
  • Window
  • Set It Free
  • Can't Help Myself

8. Rina Sawayama

Born in Japan and based in London, Rina came out in 2018 and has identified as both Bisexual & Pansexual. 

Her music style ranges from pop, to R&B, to electropop, and even alternative. Rina's latest album 'SAWAYAMA' truly offers something for everyone. 

Named "the future of queer pop" by Gay Times, Rina had this to say on her sexuality: 

"I always say that I’m bisexual or pansexual, but I can definitely see a future where I just say queer. Before, there was power in labelling yourself, it was really important to find that box for yourself, and we’ve gained so many positive things from how we’ve labelled ourselves within the community. But now, I meet a lot of people who just describe themselves as queer, and we don’t need to say anything else, which is nice because historically we’ve had to explain ourselves a lot. So I think in that sense it’s a sign of more acceptance, and the evolution of queerness, which I love. When I was growing up, queer was a negative word, so I’m glad it’s been reclaimed."

Songs to check out: 

  • XS
  • Comme Des Garçons
  • Love Me 4 Me

9. Rebecca Black

Yes, this IS the iconic "Friday" singer from your teen years! Rebecca Black came out as queer in April of 2020. Her music genre is primarily pop, but she also recently released a hyperpop remix of Friday. 

Rebecca had this to say on her sexuality: "To me, the word 'queer' feels really nice. I have dated a lot of different types of people, and I just don't really know what the future holds. Some days, I feel a little more on the 'gay' side than others." (Billboard)

She recently released her EP, 'Rebecca Black was here.' I dare you to try and listen to 'Girlfriend' and not instantly be put in a good mood. Also, the song 'Personal' gives me major Charli XCX vibes! 

Songs to check out: 

  • Girlfriend
  • Personal 
  • NGL
  • Worth it for the Feeling

10. Stand Atlantic 

The best way I can describe Stand Atlantic is that same emo/pop-punk sound I constantly crave from my 2006 high school days. Queer vocalist Bonnie Fraser had this to say on the song Skinny Dipping: "Skinny Dipping is about the push and pull of accepting yourself for who you are vs. how you want others to see you and catering to what you think they expect or want. In this case, I was dealing with my sexuality." 

Songs to check out: 

  • Lavender Bones
  • Hate Me (Sometimes)
  • Skinny Dipping
  • Lost My Cool
  • Roses

July 09, 2021 — Sammy Mermell